ISIntroducing Ian Syson.

Having retired from university teaching, Ian Syson has now begun the enormous task of writing the history of Weston FC.
Though he lives in Melbourne, his mind is focused on the heartland of Australian football.

To begin this process Ian has published a public blog as a place to store his research on Weston Bears Football Club. All are welcome to read it, use it (with appropriate attribution) and send comments to him about the pieces he puts up.
You can also make suggestions in regard to research tasks he should be pursuing.

Ian's intention is to write a history of this great club, a history that captures its spirit and its remarkable episodes of joy and tragedy off the field and highs and lows on it.

You can access the Weston Blog by clicking on the following link... Weston Bears History Blog (geordieminers.blogspot.com) 

The club is incredibly honoured and appreciative of Ian's interest and drive to tell this story. We asks that everyone please spread the word to as many people as possible in our football community who may have information and can contribute to what will be a highlight of Australian Football History. 

Contact can be made via:
Weston Bears History Blog (geordieminers.blogspot.com)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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