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The Weston Bears Mentor Program was first initiated in 2010 to formalise a process that Weston had been undertaking in some form for a long time. 

Basically, the Mentor Program brings both senior and junior clubmates together throughout the year and provides each person an opportunity to learn more about their sport, Club and themselves.

To ensure the growth and success of the Mentor program it became apparent the Club required support. The 'Glencore Junior Sports Development Program' has provided this support and will allow the program to reach new levels.

The Bears and, most importantly, our young players can look forward to and benefit from the GLENCORE Mentor Program.

Remember to refer to your 'FOOTBALLINGS' sheets to work on all the little 'ings' that will improve your game.

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We also encourage Parents of our youth players to click on the image below and view the 'Infographics' for parents of young people.
Developed by Youthsafe, these resources contain great information on: Young Drivers, Safer Celebrating, Young Workers, Sports Safety, Bikes & Safer Travel.





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